Over 1200 Stand names! (More than Pokemon)

Sleek animations! (State of the art I assure you)

The ability to hide the UI! (Get that ugly thing outta my face)

Millions of possible combinations! (Probably, I didn't do the math. It's a lot.)

The ability to type in your own text! (Personalize!)

That's right kids! Now you, yes, you! Can have your very own Stand, just like in the Japanese animation "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"! Gape in awe at the nifty names, the amazing abilities, and the magnificent modifiers! And the best part: it's absolutely FREE! (courtesy of itch.io) So ask your parents to take you to your nearest personal computer and load up this baby for HOURS of fun!

Press any button to generate a new stand. Click on the “Disable text animations" button to turn off the text animations, and click it again to turn them back on. Use the slider under the disable animations button to adjust volume. Click on the "Open Lock Menu" button to open the lock menu, and then click the corresponding buttons to keep a part of the Stand from changing when you generate another one. You can also edit text from the Lock Menu now, just type what you want it to say in the corresponding field and hit enter. If you want to hide the UI for screenshots, press shift to toggle it on or off!

(The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure theme, logo and visuals belong to their rightful owners. I do not claim ownership of these assets or the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure name or brand)


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Description: The Mein Herz Brennt (Rammstein song reference) is a close-ranged melee Stand. Uses only fists in combat. It is a humane White Stand with inserts of steel-colored armor components, its head only slightly resembles a human and has two branches on the sides of its head that resemble the skull of a hammerhead shark. In the body of the Stand, in the area where the human lungs are at the Stand, there is a through hole 15 cm in diameter in the center of which there is a small luminous orb of white color. 

Abilities: The Stand has no personality or voice. The destructive ability of the Stand is to increase its strength, by increasing the level of aggression of its opponent. It takes advantage of their aggressive energy and adrenaline level. Stand puts an invisible red mark on the enemy's forehead and from now on tracks his level of aggression, the more aggressive a person is, the wider the orb gets and the stronger, faster, more accurate the Stand becomes. In close combat, Stand is practically invincible, without knowing its features it is easy to lose. The only weakness of the Stand, oddly enough not to attack and not feel aggression towards him, any attempt to attack Hisato activates the Stand. Stands idle statistics: 

Power: A 

Speed: A 

Range: E 

Durability: C 

Precision: C 

Potential: A 

(in the active state, the characteristics grow) 

Character: Hisato Murphy was born in North Korea and lived there for 11 years before fleeing to China with his mother. There were no problems with the Chinese authorities, he and his mother were not afraid of deportation, since Hisato learned Chinese in North Korea, he and his mother were able to cross the border. The political repression in his country left a childhood trauma on Hisato. Stand received at the age of 15 in unclear circumstances.


*Confused* Yareyareda ze

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yeah yeah 


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I've always wanted to make my own stand! I'm also wondering if it makes sense, if you have any ideas for improvement please let me know. Anyway, here is mine:


This would be my stand in real life. I know it's a bit OP ,Owo, but it does have weaknesses. Ren Kurusu would be my japanese name if I was japanese. My real name is on the bottom.


What weaknesses does it have?


I made a villain kinda works like king crimson at the same time it doesn't


My OC's final stando powah! lol...but the zero's mean that the stats cannot be measured by any means possible due to the fact this is the stands of all stands (includes Star Platinum: The World and GER). So OP.


So, a little bit of history for my OC...

Ren Kurusu was born in 2006 and was born to Giorno Giovanna and Guido Mista through a stand that had the ability to create humans (bit disgusting how the humans are made though.) He, of course, is a Joestar and was a bit of a problem child when he was young, but eventually grew up and became much better. Being the son of the most powerful stand user and leader of the biggest gang in the world, Ren lived comfortably but was tired of having everything handed to him, so at the age of 14, he went somewhere with his friends, BF and parents. However, he encountered a powerful stand user with the stand, Soul Sibling, and couldn't help but do what he wanted. Even though the criminal had the leverage, Ren, out of fear, gained the stand Copy Cat and used the Void to break the chains of his soul. Suprised that he gained a stand like his friends and BF, he eventually picked himself up and drained the powers of the user and killed him using the user's own powers against him. He went back to everyone and kept his stand a secret. Little did he know, a stand user was plotting against him...

End of Part 1

Will do Part 2 another time

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Used to listen to this one in the car all the time...


Another one! OwU


For the one who made Stands possible.  For Araki: + infinite respect.

BTW, I will do 3 stands whenever I have time. But enjoy my latest stands and if u want an in-depth description of each stand or want me to make a stand that u request, I will find time to do it. Thx!




Love this song! Here is the URL for it!


Aight, time to make another one.

Stand Name: Justice For All (Metallica reference to the album, "...and Justice for All")

Ability: Power Scale Reversal 

"For fuck sake y'all and yer OP stand, y'all er just too afraid and insecure to have a weakness, dont'ya?" -The user of this stand


JFA is a non-humanoid stand which has the ability to inverse any stand's power scale. JFA's ability is to weaken powerful stands, and empowering weak stands. 

The stronger they were once the weaker they shall be, and vice versa - the weaker they were once the stronger they shall be. This ability also affect its own user.


JFA takes the form of a floating ancient weight scale. The chains of the weight scale on the left are rusty iron chains, while on the right are dying rotten vines. The chains are heavy while the vines are light.

When activating its power, the rusty iron chains will turn into bright golden chains while the dying rotten vines will turn into thick healthy vines. The chains will become lighter and the vines will become heavier, making both of the scales on balance.


- The user can reverse any attribute they want at other stand at will.

- Originally has a weak attribute, so JFA can turn the user to become more stronger and faster when its ability is activated.

- When not activating its ability, JFA is very durable to protect itself from getting destroyed.

- User will not be affected if the stand is attacked.


- The user can't reverse any of their own attribute at will.

- Because of this, once activating its ability JFA will become very vulnerable.

- Takes alot of time before the ability will completely be activated.

- The Ability only lasts for 10 seconds, and 5 minutes of cooldown time.


JFA is a stand that focuses more on support aswell as buff and debuff. JFA can turn a weak stand into a requiem stand, and vice versa.

Very effective against OP stands. For example: Made in Heaven, King Crimson, Star Platinum/The World, etc.


Before activation:

After activation:

Fuck, after catching up to Black Clover recently, i've just realized that this stand concept is literally the same as that justice guy from episode 121. What a fucking coincidence.


Also, a little bit of canon in my Jojoverse ... I had my stand since I was born and my Bf and Friend got their stands through Black Sabbath. And yes, i'm gay, Owo...Pls no hate.


And finally, my future BF's stand, Uwu!


Another one! This one would definitly be my friends's stand!


Stand Name: Copy Cat

Ability: Void Manipulation and Power Absorption

Description: Copy Cat is a Stand that uses the limitless power of the void to summon the Creatures of the Dark, Create Void Constructs, Make energy blasts, etc. but also can use the Void to drain a person's stand power and life energy, even after they are long dead. It also can become Copy Cat Requiem where it nulls all special ability's, even GER's Return to Zero, and can make any power the user wishes.

Limitations: It's a close-range stand so in order for the user to drain it's power, they would have to let the other person hit them first and if he uses to much Void energy, he could suffer from Voidrot, which basically drains their own life force. The Requiem version has no weaknesses.


-Very powerful, Void constructs have amazing durability, in some circumstances, can become nigh-unstoppable, and works great with other stands.


-Can be a bit hotheaded at times (User), Too much Void energy = Voidrot, Requiem version requires a lot of time, practice, and user needs to be affiliated with darkness.

Synopsis: All in all, Copy Cat, which obviously looks sorta like a humanoid cat, is a very powerful close-range stand and is extremely powerful but can be caught off guard and suffer major injuries.

Stats and Desc.

is this a virus?

nope i downloaded it nothing happened but i couldn t find the game in the folder


The almost overpowered stand i made

i downloaded the game and unziped it but it gave me a folder where s the game


Damn, it's been a while since the last time i made a stand. 

Stand Name: Dead Man's Party (Oingo Boingo reference) 

Ability: Replication Teleportation


DMP is a long-distance stand which has the ability to create clones and switch place with those clones. DMP can also switch place with its user as long as its within its area of range.


DMP takes the form of a black skeleton wearing sunglasses and fedora, styled with dark formal suit and white trench coat. DMP are also able to change their form to resemble their user. Keep in mind that newly made clones will take its original form first.


- No cooldown in-between switching places.

- When resembling as its user, it accurately looks 100% the same.

- Up to 7 clones at once.

- Have an effective range of 7,14 km (As large as a soccer field).


- Have the same attributes as an average person, so it's very weak against a close-ranged stand.

- Clones can't be manually controlled and only move according by the user's command in their mind.

- Clones can only be made in a place that isn't visible to anyone.

Each clone gets hit will also damage the user. So if the clones get hit all at once, the user will suffer an immense amount of pain.


DMP is a stand that focuses more on stealth and infiltration. This stand can also be a combat stand if the user's intelligent enough to outsmart the enemy with their tactics.

(tldr how it works is like the cursed technique of Aoi Toudou from Jujutsu Kaisen with the addition of clones.)


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Stand Name: Crazy Beat

User's Name:  Luria Shimon Doron

Ability: Controlling the souls of the dead

Appearance: Crazy beat is a humanoid stand, similar to a medieval knight  with a wing resembling a demon's wing on the left side of his head and another wing on the right side of his head resembling an angel's wing, which shows the user's personality more than his appearance, showing about a person with courage and respect and a balance of good and evil, in situations where the user is angry then the wing on the stand's left side will increase and if the user is calm then the wing on its right side will increase which shows how the user feels through the stand, The helmet of the stand is a part of his body because when he falls the helmet does not fall or move at all.

Description: The stand has a short range which requires it to use its abilities but prefers to use one of them for emergencies, its first ability is to go through everything like plants, inanimate objects, and living creatures like a ghost, and its second ability is to control the souls of the dead But the dead act according to the user's feelings, meaning they can be aggressive if the user is angry or calm if the user is calm, but he tends not to use this ability out of respect for the dead and uses it when there is no choice.

Limitations: The stand works mainly on emotions, which means that if the user is sad or scared then the stand weakens, and if the user is full of rage when he controls the dead then they become harder to control and will do whatever comes to mind without the user telling them, 

Power: A (As long as the user controls his emotions then the stand will be strong)

Speed: A

Range: C (4 meters)

Durability: A

Precision: A

Potential: A (Can evolve as long as the user learns to control his emotions then the stand will evolve)

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Stand Name: Shatter Me (reference to Lindsey Sterling)

Stand User: Katrina Stannek

Ability: Glass Manipulation / Hyalokinesis

Appearance: A near-transparent Stand that loosely resembles its User, often taking on a bestial or warrior-like appearance based on its most frequently used weaponry. Cracks and chips may be present in the areas where the Stand reforms, typically around the joints, shoulder blades, and face.

Description: A musical Stand that can shatter, manipulate, and reform its glass body at will to create armor, projectiles, body augmentations (wings, claws, spines, etc.), and weapons. However, it is defensively weak, and will melt if exposed to fire.

Limitations: Weakness to fire, which causes it to melt and warp. Certain weapon forms like firearms and blades are highly fragile and thus less effective. Finite amount of glass to manipulate, but may replenish itself if broken glass is present in an area. Takes a while to reform once shattered, slowing it down considerably if large sections of its body are broken at once.

Power: D (tends to shatter on impact, mostly shrapnel damage)

Speed: A-B (takes longer to reform than it does to shatter)

Range: A (≈ 90 meters)

Durability: E (insert "glass cannon" joke here)

Precision: A (practically a sniper when using projectiles)

Potential: B ( has its limitations, certain weaponry doesn't work well)


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When I make a stand, can other people see it?


We'll carry on.


We shall push through.

(Through the Fire and Flame's localized name.)


za hando requiem


Another one I had in my mind for some time. 


Stand Name: 8 Days a Week
  • Stand Power: It can add "1" to anything. 

Example: If the user were to throw a road roller at someone, and used 8 Days a week while it was in the air, it could make it 2 road rollers, for additional road roller action. 

However, note that it does NOT mean duplication, if there's 7 cups sitting on a table, then after use it would become 8 cups sitting on a table. Additionally, 8 Days a Week can add "1" to things like occurrences, or wounds.

Example 1: If an enemy were to get shot, 8 days a Week could use it's power to make an additional bullet wound in the location of it's choosing. (withing range of course) 

Example 2: If the user of 8 Days a Week were to punch somebody, and used their stand power, the person being punched would feel the impact of getting punched twice. If the enemy would get hit by a car, then 8 Days a Week can make them feel like they just got hit twice. 

  • Stand Weaknesses: There is an 8 second gap of time between when 8 Days a Week can add "1". 

Example: If 8 Days a Week used it's power to make someone feel the pain of being shot twice, then it'd have to wait 8 seconds before it is able to use it's adding powers again. 

8 Days a Week also cannot add "1" to something to which it has already added "1" to. 

Example: If it takes a 100 dollar bill, it can add "1" to it and now have 2, 100 dollar bills, but it can't keep adding "1" and getting infinite bills. Once it's added, it's done.

  • Stand Name: 8 Days a Week (The Beatles) Because it's an additional "1" to the week so I thought it fit 
  • Stand User: Josuke 9, again cause "1" more than Josuke 8 so I thought it was funny

(Please comment criticism/thoughts/whatever, I'm curious to see what other people think)


Stand Name: Astronomy

User:   Hokusai Nakajimi

Ability: To reverse people in time and teleport with photos


Description: A colorful stand that can reverse somebody in time and can teleport via photo


Power: A

Speed: D

Range: A

Precision: A

Potential: B


「Bad to the Bone」/「Chilled to the Bone」

Power:Its own power without a target is very weak.
Speed:Again not as fast as like say The Hand which isn't very fast compared to Crazy Diamond.
Range:50-meters at max the user either drives the enemy far enough away where they are no longer a problem. Or kill them with their worst fear, and the stronger the targets fear is the stronger the stand can get.
Durability: B on its own, however when its ability activates its practically a Sheer Heart Attack but You're scared shitless.
Precision: It can only have one target and can't be seen by anyone other than stand users or someone that shares the fear.
Potential:The strength of the fear on the target influences the strength of the user's ability.

Stand Name:
Statistics: Power, A | Speed, A Range, B Durability, B | Precision, C | Potential, B |
A long ranged stand that can manipulate weather and take possession of another by piercing a mysterious looking arrow inside them.
Stand Master: Zakakida Arashiro

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Stand Name:The World Tree

Stats: Destructive power: None

Speed: A

Range: A (50 Meters)

Endurance: B (Durable as the tree it takes form of. Also the damage to the tree is not transfered to the user)

Precision: None

Development: None

Ability: The Stand takes a form of any tree the user desires by planting any type of seed. The tree will grow in less than a minute wich is when it starts to affect anyone in its range. The Stand will take any positive emotion and replace them with negative ones resulting in outbursts of hate and anger wich will then lead to suicide (10 days to suicide). The only way to negate these effects is to write your name on the tree. If the tree is severely damaged or cut in half anyone affected will immediatly die of heart attack (doesn't count if the user or anyone the user is familiar with destroyed the tree). If the user wants to summon his stand at a new location he can by  planting another seed but then the previous tree will lose its ability and anyone affected by the previous tree will have the effect removed.


Stand Name: Friendly Face

Stand Power: Charisma Boost


Power: C

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: C

Precision: E

Potential: D

Stand Description:

Friendly Face is a humanoid stand who can boost the users charisma to high levels allowing the user to get things they otherwise wouldn't be able to. 


* Getting a discount on a hotel room otherwise not available

* Not being written up for being late to work

* Making friends with anyone

* Free food

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