Over 1200 Stand names! (More than Pokemon)

Sleek animations! (State of the art I assure you)

The ability to hide the UI! (Get that ugly thing outta my face)

Millions of possible combinations! (Probably, I didn't do the math. It's a lot.)

The ability to type in your own text! (Personalize!)

That's right kids! Now you, yes, you! Can have your very own Stand, just like in the Japanese animation "Jojo's Bizarre Adventure"! Gape in awe at the nifty names, the amazing abilities, and the magnificent modifiers! And the best part: it's absolutely FREE! (courtesy of itch.io) So ask your parents to take you to your nearest personal computer and load up this baby for HOURS of fun!

Press any button to generate a new stand. Click on the “Disable text animations" button to turn off the text animations, and click it again to turn them back on. Use the slider under the disable animations button to adjust volume. Click on the "Open Lock Menu" button to open the lock menu, and then click the corresponding buttons to keep a part of the Stand from changing when you generate another one. You can also edit text from the Lock Menu now, just type what you want it to say in the corresponding field and hit enter. If you want to hide the UI for screenshots, press shift to toggle it on or off!

(The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure theme, logo and visuals belong to their rightful owners. I do not claim ownership of these assets or the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure name or brand)

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AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, One button


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Thanks for all the abilities, also those stats do not change that would be overpowered probably.

Name: Broken Bounds

Type: Humanoid Stand

Master: Shioma Kansai, someone who prefers to stay as mysterious as possible.

Stats: Power-C, Speed-A, Range-A, Durability-B,, Precision-D, Potential-C

Depending on the stand it steals power from, it could be very useful. What is not mentioned in the stat screen is the week-long cooldown to balance this ability. And the fact that after two weeks the ability is discarded and the user forgets the opponents last name, and three of the opponent stands stats, making it balanced i guess?????????????????

No Idea if anyone has done this one or anything similar, but it popped into my mind and I thought it was awesome.

Name: Valkyrie (based on Ride of the Valkyries)

Type: Wearable stand

Master: Rosetta Sinclair, a musician with a warriors spirit

Stats: Power-A, Speed-A, Range-E, Durability-A, Precision-B, Potential-B or C

It's a very combat focused stand designed to fight off enemies and protect the user. Due to it being armor range is basically non-existent, but can detach up to a meter. Weapons can be thrown but will vanish after 5-8 meters max.

Weapons can be summoned separately even without the armor equipped, but will be much more difficult to use.

The stand range can go up to 20 meters, as well as the effectiveness of the abilities.

The stand ability "Infinite Void" Nullifies all of the ability as well as stages or forms like "Super Saiyan 3".

If anyone is confused about this ability, it can just control or do stuff to the body of whatever he has gotten control of. This can only happen if the Stand touches the shadow of it.

(1 edit)

This stand came to me in a daydream at school today

Stand: Don't Worry Be Happy (normally shortened to D.W Be Happy)

User: Huck Everest

Namesake: song by Bobby Mcferrin

Appearance: A humanoid stand with a tropical t-shirt. It's rainbow-colored and it looks like the colors on its body shift constantly. And the most important detail: it has dreadlocks.

Ability: Mind tricks. Causes hallucinations and raises dopamine by copious amounts. The target it's used on will feel so happy that hallucinations will seem like an everyday thing. Also takes away small pains like headaches and muscle soreness.

Edit: The picture up top is what I imagined it'd look like. (I'm also not good at drawing dreads.)

i saw this on r/fanstands, is this the same poster?

I don't remember seing this on r/fanstands. It'd be cool if it was though :)

(1 edit)

well i saw this drawing on r/fanstands saying pretty much the exact same description, i think the poster stole it

Yo, could you post a link or sumthin man?

sorry but i couldn't find it

Stand Name- Fallen Aurora

Stand Master- Novak Vonders

This Stand has crystal attacks that varies form Barrage, Cluster, Ground and Healing. 

Its appearance is humanoid wearing dark purple and gold robes and a helmet with bits of armour on its arms and legs


Power- B






This stand, when not in use, takes the default form a simple silver ring on the user's hand.

The stand user can take the ring off and it will shape itself into a small featureless silvery humanoid about two and a half inches tall.
All the stand user has to do is tell the stand what is going on and it will turn into the perfect item or remain humanoid and do simple tasks.
Weapon wise, it can form very simple swords, shields, and throwables.

Stand Name: Translucent Film 

Power: C

Speed: C

Range:  E

Durability: A

Precision: A

Potential: B

Appearance: A short range stand stand whose appearance is that of a white outlined featureless humanoid stand whose body is white water like substance

Power: Whatever Translucent Film touches has the ability to phase through anything and have anything phase through it unharmed. The larger the object the more of the stand is required to use and thus a longer processes it takes.  

Welp, This is it. Also this act can only last 2 - 10 hours before returning to act 3. This act can only be activated if the user is on the verge of dying.

There is still limits to this Stand: Pause ( 3 - 10 Minutes ) Rewind ( 2 - 7 Hours ) Slow ( 4 - 5 Hours ) Speed up ( 20 - 30 minutes ) Future sight ( 10 Minutes - 1 Hour ) Erase ( 8 - 40 Minutes ), Oh and this is manual :p

(1 edit)

Time Manipulation Limits: Stop time (15 Seconds), Rewind (1 Hour), Slow time (3 Minutes) and Future Sight (Look into the future of 10 - 15 Minutes Later)

(1 edit)

Just the Beginning

The ability limits: Stop time (for 5 seconds) Rewind time (30 Minutes) and Slow time (60 Seconds). Only three abilities so not YET op

who is the best ninja turtle?

(say michalangelo pls)

Definitely Mikey

   The Stand's namesakes are the song "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson and "Battle Against a True Hero" by Toby Fox

(1 edit)

Corectia Yashamita stand: Sewer Nucleus, strength:A Potential:C Durability:A Speed:C Precision:D  Range:C

Sewer Nucleus is a tanky stand Witch has a turtle like apperance its user aka Corectia is its ony source of sanity for Sewer Nucleus has lost all sanity in its body and since Corectia is a liscened therapist Sewer Nucleus is able to keep its sanity therefore loving its owner Corectia, too activate Sewer Nucleus the user (i.e Corectia) must be 2 feet near a stand user,its war cry is GORA! and its special ability is too be able too go to a lifeless state and dodge every attack the stand users stand hits at it and then proceed too be able too hit the stand users stand in the back multiple times, its evolutions are Over Heaven,Requiem and possesion (witch is a custom made arrow of mine that allows the stand and user too be one and merge and multiple eachothers strength and durability) if you have something you dislike or like leave in the comments!

(1 edit)

stand name: hail to king

User's name: Nicholas Crisman aka girinio giovaina

Stand ability: looks like a lion humaniod stand. the user can maniupulate the light and the sun itself to make himself stronger and as well as use it as a ranged or close range weapon arsenal

The name derives from the song by avenge sevenfold.

Reference of the name is "Downside Up" from Awais Kazmi.

Me and my friends are currently trying to build a roblox jojo game and i decided that this would be a good place to make some stand screens for our story's custom stands. This is the stand of the Main Character in our story .

Thanks For making something like this so easy to do. I'll give you the credit that you deserve if i can.


the name mechanical marvel comes from the band Tally Hall.

Interesting, what's the name of that game, and uh, is there a discord or something like that ?

Stand Name: Funnyman

Stand Master: Strano Limone (Roughly translates to "Weird Lemon" in Italian)

Stand Description: A humanoid Stand capable of enslaving people through tidying up, creating art at the user's will, and triggering wide-range illusions through the user's pinky finger.

Stand Namesake: The Soundcloud artist "Funnyman"

Power: C

Speed: B

Range: A

Durability: A

Precision: B

Potential: C

(2 edits)

Stand Name: Smooth Criminal

Stand Master: James Barlow

Stand Description: An artificial humanoid stand able to steal objects at incredible speed, and able to create replicas of other stands and users in order to trick stand users.

Stand Namesake: The song "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson

Power: C

Speed: A

Range: A

Durability: D

Precision: B

Potential: B

Stand Name:The world

Stand Appearance:Yellow guy :)

Stand Ability:Punchy boi







Stand owner:Dio Brando

(1 edit)

Stand Name: Black and White

Stand  Appearance: A Humanoid stand with Holes in body coloured white and black which represents Black hole And White Holes

Stand Ability: To make Black holes and White holes, Back hole suck a person or an object in it, White holes Relase What ever is sucked by the black hole One by One

Stand Stats:

Power: B

Speed: A

Range: C+

Durability: B

Precision: B

Potential: A

(Sorry If I had Bad English)


Stand Name: Final Curtain Rise 

Stand Apparence: A metal frame with large red curtains 

Power: E

Speed: E

Range: A

Durability: C

Precision: A

Potential: A

Stand Power: Whenever a person sees this stand they feel compelled to enter the curtains. Upon doing so they are met with the stand user who informs them they are about to  transported back in time for  1 minute to an event they regret, want to do over, want to do different, etc and are given only the knowledge of that interaction and the surrounding place/people/situation/etc. They cannot interact with anything/anyone else not important/related to that event. (Does not work with the stand user) 


(3 edits) (+1)

Stand Name: Space Platinum,NickName:Sol=Space Overlord.  Ability:Can Stop Time,And Teleport To Places and can stop others time stop or time related move. Ex: Can teleport to a house or certain place i think of. Stand Master: Cj Kujo(Me) Power: ∞ Durability:SS+ Range:S Accuracy:S +
Potential:∞ Apperance: Dark Blue,High Tech Resemblese,Star Platinum Shaped,
When Barrage Is Used,The Stand Teleports Behind The Enemy And Barrages Them Unguarded. Weakness:*None Currently Or Ever * Stand Can Also Talk To You,And You Can Talk Back. Stand Yell:ORAAAA  Special Move: Space Beatdown
Puts You In A Time-Stop,Barrages You,Then Throws A Building In Your Direction,After That He Says: Time Has Been Continuted,And The Timestop Is Now Over. Time Stop Lasts 5 Minutes,But Base Full Power Of Time Stop Is 15 Minutes. . Secret Move:Platinum Awakening,Stats Go Even Beyond,Durability Is Now:∞,Range And Accuracy Is SS+, And Time Stop Lasts 30 Minutes(Full Power)

Cj/Me Says:Yare Yare Daze,Then The Space Beatdown Lasts About 20 Minutes For Fully,But Cj/Me Stops At 5 Minutes.   (I Know, I Know Your Thinking"This Is Too Over-Powered" But For Me Eh I Love It)


Stand name: silver spirit requiem Stand master: Melvyn Stand ability: infinite zone This new ability is a mix between king crimson and gold experience requiem, he can do a shave and a rice that will give him thousands and billions of possibilities to defeat the enemy he will talk to his non requiem stand to see which possibilities and the best and when it's over he will return to the action he did 2 minutes before having done the erasing And with that he can cancel ultimate powers like the power of mih, king crimson, the wolrd etc.... Power: S Speed: ♾ Durability: A Range: C Accuracy: A Potential: S Appearance: he has the same Appearance as his non requiem (he doesn't have a helmet) except that this time he has a silver gray and luminous white color, his circle in the middle of his torso remains black. Color: bright white silver gray How to get the stand: You have to have a requiem arrow to plant the stand but you have to be worthy then enter the infinity zone and be able to prove to the power of the stand that you are able to put an impossible thing to the possible. Weakness: does not anticipate surprise attacks. Stand yells: MADAAA!! (NOT YET).



definitely not op


what would you say about this?

undefined ability: Thelemic Deity Physiology

Desc: The user either is or can transform into one of the deities spoken of in Thelema, a pseudo-religion formed by Aleister Crowley and detailed in the Book of the Law.

Condition: Have an existential crisis

Limit: [Pelvic Inflammatory Disease ](https://www.medicinenet.com/pelvic_inflammatory_disease_symptoms_and_signs/symptoms.htm)

Range: 3m

Power: A

Speed: D

Range: E

Durability: C

Precision: C

Potential: D

What is this stand?


i have no idea what any of that stuff means


stand idea:

Stand name: haircuts for men

Stand Master:(nah)





Durability: A

Potential: (what)

precision: A

Appearance: Scissors


cuts through anything and are really smooth

Stand i thought of

Stand Name: Sandbox

Stand Master: (couldn't be stuffed)

Namesake: just got it 'sandbox' games


Power: A

Speed: C

Range: A (100m)

Durability: D

Precision: B

Potential: D

Ability: The ability to treat the world like a a sandbox world. Basically able to spawn things in and delete things while also being able to edit existing objects such as scaling or deleting parts of the object. 

Limitations: Can only mostly do things that humans can do. Can spawn in computers, walls, or trees but cannot spawn things in such as new universe, stars, or destroy entire galaxies.

Susceptible to: Pretty much any beating from a stand with a physical power of C onwards. 

How to use: Mostly a ranged stand that will kill its targets by manipulating its surroundings while being able to escape easily.

Stand I thought of a year ago.

Stand Name: Satanic Greene

Stand Master: (I don't really feel like doing this.)

Namesake: N/A


Power: B

Speed: A

Range : D

Durability: C

Precision: C

Potential: A

Main Ability: The ability  to teleport, freeze, and unfreeze things in space.

Special: Expanding space to flee or travel (Basically the opposite of The Hand)

Limitations: Can only teleport things in a 5-meter radius, and can only teleport things it has touched.

bruh K.K. cruisin'

fucking animal crossing reference

Wet touch

Stand ability: To turn anything it touches into liquid including its user, it can also revert the things it liquified back to their original state. 


Speed: A

Power: B

Range: B

Durability: C

Potential: A

Precision: C


*Stand idea I pretty much pulled outta my a$$*:

Stand Name: Attune

Power: C

Speed: A

Range: C

Durability: A

Precision: B

Potential: S

Description: A stand that can adapt to any situation including being erased from existence. Susceptible to reality override and completely terrified of dogs. 

* I didn't know what weakness to give the stand. I think its a pretty funny weakness for an over powered stand. I thought I'd do smth similar to Fugo's stand as well. *

(3 edits)

An Idea for a stand I thought of a few hours ago.

Stand Name: Greased Lightning

Stand Master: Cedric Jones ( a fictional character i made)

Namesake; The 1977 movie about Wendell Scott, the first black NASCAR driver.


Power: A

Speed: S

Range: B ( has a range of 10 Meters)

Durability: C

Precision: S

Potential: B

Main Ability: Grants it's user the ability to control, create, and turn into lightning.

Special Abilities: Can attack targets with an alarming level of speed and precision, rivaling that of or even being superior to Star Platinum. Can also partially heal its user by striking the user with lightning. Can also throw Physical lightning bolts, similar to the Greek god Zeus

Limitations: User cannot turn into pure electricity for longer than 5-10 minutes without sustaining a small amount of physical damage.

Stand Cry: HAYAI (Japanese for fast), HAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA! HAYAI !

Chilly pepper? Not a copy but a variant

(1 edit)

So I made this Stand for almost a year now.  So I decided made it on this site and share about it.

Stand Name: Goose

Stand Master: Theobald Amos (Yes that is my real name)

Musical Reference: Goose comes from the Rock Band "Polyphia" made in 2017


Power: A

Speed: C

Range : A

Durability: A

Precision: B 

Potential: E

Main Ability: Able to separate, disassemble or shatter to change any shape freely or using it as an advantage. 

Special: Any damage taken by the stand will not effect the user.

Limitations: Head of the stand will not involve in changing any shapes along with it's body.


Cool  stand that i made

Stand Name: Meteor Masher

Stand Master: Tots Meteor

Main Ability: Insanely powerfull and speedy atacks.

(1 edit)

weird stand i made in bed.

Stand master: Jorden Joseph (My real name, also imagine not being a jojo irl 😹👎)

Stand name: Styles Of Beyond 

Musical reference: Mid 2000s rap/ rock ish group. Original stand name was Shapeshifter, A song styles of beyond collabed with Celldweller  to make the song named Shapeshifter (ITS A BANGER)

Main ability: Can change the form of any inanimate object

Ex: turning a phone into a knife.


Power: B

Speed: A

Range: D (2 meters. Identical range of Crazy Diamond)

Stamina: B

Precision:: B

Potential: A+

here's a stand i made

Stand Name: Seven Deadly Sins

Power: D

Speed: D

Range: D

Durability: D

Precision: D

Potential: A

Abilities: by committing one of the seven deadly sins (Pride, lust, gluttony, envy, wrath,  Sloth, Greed) the stand will correspond by doing an ACT related to the sin

Special ability: shall reverse time if owner is killed as the only one who is allowed to kill the stand master is the Stand (automatic type)

great! but think of a original name(ive seen the anime)

here's a stand i actually thought of from the top of my head

stand name: scorpion's sting

stand user: n/a

power: C

speed: B

range: D

durability: B

precision: A

potential: C

stand ability: has a needle for a hand. the needle can inject an entity with a poision. when the poison circulates in the entity's body, every 2 minutes it will take away one of the users 5 senses in this order:

- taste (first)

- smell

- touch

- sight

- hearing (last)

the needles can also be used like blow darts hence why it has A for precision. the main weakness for this stand is that it only has a limited amount of poison. each hand has 1 needle and 1 needle can only inject 5 entities with the  scorpion's sting poison before running out and having to wait 20 minutes to refill on posion.

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